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A native application is developed specifically for an operating system: iOS or Android. It is installed directly on the smartphone and can function without an Internet connection, depending on its purpose and nature.

Native applications fully leverage the device’s features (subject to acceptance by the user), such as GPS, camera, microphone, contact list, and multimedia files.

Native applications offer more advantages than their hybrid or web counterparts, namely:

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A hybrid mobile application is simply an application that has a source code compatible with Android, iOS, or Windows Phone.

One source code means half the work, and only one code to modify during updates and various changes. This greatly simplifies the task and saves time and money.

This also helps optimize design costs and avoids having to take into account the constraints associated with each system.

By choosing a hybrid application, you ensure that your source code is centralized in one place, which reduces errors and allows you to offer a better quality solution by spending more time improving it than developing it.

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